The Second Line is a traditional dance in which the participants engage in "community" with music, and dance alongside the Social/Pleasure Clubs in parade formation in New Orleans, Louisiana. A brass band always accompanies the parade and dancers. It is the only African-based, free form style with parasols and handkerchiefs, and is the most African-retentive cultures in the U.S. It has been called "the quintessential New Orleans art form- a jazz funeral without a body". The members are decked out in brightly colored suits, sashes, hats, bonnets, parasols, and banners as well as the spontaneous energy of a block party. They are held for their own sake and to "Let the good times Roll". 

 About Us

Not too many good things came about as a result of Hurricane Katrina, with one exception! Dre Benjamin came to California as a result of the flooding in New Orleans, bringing his culture and passion for Second Line. Dre, met and married his beautiful wife Karin, and together they have educated, promoted and embodied the art and culture that is "Second Line". 

Who we are

We are a fun-loving, inclusive group of big hearted dancing second-liners!

Dre Benjamin


Karin Benjamin


Missy Holmes

Vice President/Dancing Alligator 

Alex Fenner & Deanna Fenner             Dual Sergeant of Arms

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